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Bug#504760: s390 installer doesn't work on 3215 console running as a VM guest

Package: debian-installer
Version: 20081029

The latest version of the installation program for the s390 architecture
(for lenny/sid)
doesn't work when running on a 3215 virtual console as a guest of z/VM.
In this installation method, the installer performs some initial steps,
such as configuring the network device and configuring the network, while
using the 3215 virtual console.  Then the installation switches to a
network console (ssh session) for the rest of the installation.  The
trouble is that the installer seems to be treating the 3215 virtual console
as an ANSI terminal.  I see a bunch of stuff which appears to be ANSI
escape sequences.  This used to work, but something broke it.  The
installer must use a line-mode interface while running on the 3215 virtual
console.  I cannot get past this.


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