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Bug#501446: Not possible to install KDE Desktop Envoriment via debian-installer

I think it should be possible to easily enter installer options like
"tasks=xfce-desktop" whitout confusing new users.

Etch installer did have boot-prompt on first main screen what you saw
when you booted from eg. netinst cd. It was possiblr to enter installer
options to that prompt. That was wery handy.

Now Lenny installer has nice new menu. In general I think it's wery nice
improvement, but... I just did have hard time finding how you can enter
those installer options to Lenny installer. I did not see boot prompt
anywhere and I was already ready to give up. 

But then... I did go to installer help screen and it's there! There is
that boot-prompt. I don't think that's right place for it, it's not
obvious that you have to go to help screen. It's possible that
boot-prompt has always been there, but I have never used it from there
and I did not remember that it was there. It's many many years I have
even needed to use that help screen. So help screen was the last place
where I searched for the boot prompt. I think that this is a usability

I think it would be an good idea to add new boot prompt menu entry to
installer's menu in the Advanced options section. That new menu entry
could then allow user to enter installer options. You don't need to put
confusing boot prompt to main screen so new users don't need to see it
nesessarily. But I think it would be an good idea if boot prompt would
be accessible from the Advanced options menu section.

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