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Bug#501446: Not possible to install KDE Desktop Envoriment via debian-installer

On Tuesday 07 October 2008, Nikolay Shaplov wrote:
> "However, it is possible to get debian-installer to install a KDE
> desktop environment instead of GNOME by using preseeding (see Section
> B.4.10, “Package selection”) or by adding the parameter desktop=kde at
> the boot prompt when starting the installer."
> I do not think it is user-friendly... It is not much better than
> "apt-get install kde" after standart system setup...

I agree that it's not particularly user-friendly, but IMO it is better 
than manually installing KDE afterwards (although if you know what you're 
doing installing things manually is better than using tasks anyway).

It's also what allows us to publish the special KDE installation CD which 
_is_ relatively user-friendly. You do know there are special KDE and Xfce 
CDs, right?

> IMHO, if you are creating graphical installer, then all important
> questions should be asked in graphical mode... What DE to setup is an
> important question, I think...

Unfortunately the maintainer of tasksel disagrees with you. He feels that 
asking (new) users what desktop environment they want will only confuse 
them as their names will mean nothing to them.
Also, we can only fit one desktop environment on the first CD, so offering 
to install a different one could result in a huge download of packages 
from a network mirror, which users might not appreciate.

> I still would like to keep this wish request, changing it from "not
> possible to install", to "not possible to change DE from installer
> dialog windows"

It's a known issue that has already been debated to death and we are very 
much aware of the issue. Keeping an extra wishlist bug report open about 
it will not change anything.


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