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Re: [Pkg-virtualbox-devel] Handling of linux-modules-*-2.6 during

Frans Pop wrote:
> Says the guy who recently uploaded a new upstream version of dosfstools 
> without any prior discussion?

says the guy which leads the completely intransparent way of building
d-i images (you should build d-i images self-contained inside the
distribution you are building, or stage different rather than block
unstable /without/ communicating it yourself), and which expects each
and every *package* maintainer to know *d-i* internals without having
ever been informed about it.

apart from that, i wouldn't have uploaded dosfstools if i wouldn't have
been sure that it didn't changed anything (feel free to look at the git
history). as long as you only use and not embedd dosfstools (whereas
embedding means copying in mkfs/fsck binaries, not producing floppy
images). but what am i saying, you ranted on irc about that already...

> Upload restrictions to unstable during the freeze are not always clear and 
> mistakes will happen. You yourself have proven this both during Etch and 
> Lenny with uploads of new releases of isolinux and dosfstools.

apples and orranges. it's something different to not know d-i/debian-cd
deficiencies^Winternals, or to 'forget' about linux-modules-extra-2.6
which we are all very well aware on pkg-virtualbox.

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