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Re: plans concerning console-setup for squeeze?

Quoting Julien Cristau (jcristau@debian.org):

> > - i18n of the keymap questions (keymap names), which would be a
> > regression
> Would the existing translations from xkeyboard-config be useful there,
> or would we need to start all over?  Granted, that's probably not as
> widely translated as d-i.
> Anyone knows how ubuntu handled this?  I hear they use c-s already.

I was really talking about *i18n*. Currently, in console-setup, the
keymap names are not translat*able* (and therefore not translated, of

This is where the blocker is lying. If the keymap names are
internationalized, then we will be able to re-use any existing
translations and, anyway, translators will have the entire
lenny-squeeze release cycle to make the translations.

Ubuntu doesn't offer a list of keymap names. Their installer prompts
user to type some keys on their keyboard, grabs the returned keycode
and, with a decision tree, finally decides what keymap to use.

This is very smart but Colin Watson always said that the code behind
this is "a ugly hack" (or something similar).

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