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Re: tzsetup needs attention

On Monday 22 September 2008, Christian Perrier wrote:
> Actually, generating the tab file should be done with:
> isoquery | cut -f 1,4 | sort > iso_3166.tab

In other packages (localechooser, choose-mirror) we currently use the 
iso3166tab.py script. Let's please use one single method to generate 
the .tab file.

If using isoquery is to be preferred over the python script (less heavy 
build-dep [1], no need to duplicate script in multiple packages) that's 
fine by me, but please let's change all relevant D-I components to do 
that then.

I see one fairly important difference between the two methods (1st is from 
python script), but not sure if that is relevant for us for translations:
-TW     Taiwan
+TW     Taiwan, Province of China

Note that the python script does not sort the results, but I doubt that 
adding a sort will make any difference in how we use the table.

[1] Otavio's last commit lacks a build-dep on python!

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