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Disk space for / in Debian install scheme.

Hi debian-boot team!

Firstly, sorry if this question already was here or were solved in
recent d-i releases, I'm not subscribed to debian-boot and do not follow
Debian installer's developing process. (Please also CC me in replies).

Some time ago I had installed Lenny beta (1?) and followed new
installer's suggestion to install /, /usr, /var, /tmp, /home on
different partitions. Installer allocated 250 MB to /.

All was ok before lenny had acquired kernel updates... Now I have one
2.6.25 kernel and one 2.6.26 kernel. Once, when I tried to upgrade
2.6.26 one, dpkg refused to do it with 'out of disk space'. Most of '/'
-space is allocated for /lib that contains kernel modules and other
stuff. I think removing previous, "backup" kernel before upgrading is a
bad idea.

So my proposal is to increase default space for / to ~400-500 MB or
about to allow so called 'default-partitioned' system to have 2-3
simultaneous kernel packages with painless upgrading of one of them.

Sorry for possible noise.

Eugene V. Lyubimkin aka JackYF

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