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Re: lenny Installer with PXE on HP DL360G5 / bnx2

On Tue, Sep 09, 2008 at 03:29:42PM +0200, Christian Hofstaedtler wrote:
> We've got quite a few machines from HP, of type ProLiant DL360 G5. We
> used to install etch using the etch installer netboot media +
> pxelinux. This worked quite fine.
> Now I'm testing lenny (beta2 installer), and I found that the network 
> cards in these servers (bnx2) seem to require a firmware, which is not 
> in the installer image, but is available seperately. As the firmware is 
> not in the image, and I'm booting from a PXE server, installing just
> doesn't work (without plugging in an USB key, but that makes booting
> from PXE quite useless).

Please use the daily builds instead of beta2 to do your tests.  A lot of
issues present in the beta 2 have been addressed since.

> Is this the intended behaviour?

Yes: Debian is 100% free software and the firmware needed for bnx2 is
not.  The other option would have been to completely remove the bnx2
module from kernel shipped by Debian.

> How is one supposed to install from the network/PXE on such common
> hardware?

You will need to add the firmware to the initrd.gz available on your
TFTP server. You can find it in the bnx2-firmware package in the
non-free section of the archive.  Then use gzip and cpio to extract and
compress the image again:

 * Extract in current directory:
   $ zcat /path/to/installer/initrd.gz | cpio -iv
 * Create a new image from the current directory:
   $ find . -print0 | cpio -0 -H newc -ov | \
       gzip -c > /path/to/installer/initrd.gz

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