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speakup enabled d-i?


	I'm new to this list, so please bear with me.

	I have been using debian for several years now, with speakup (a text-only (cli) screen-review system for blind/visually-impaired users)

	The last system I installed using a CD netinst image from Shane ??. It installed etch and then I've had to do editing of the sources.list, to upgrade to sid and lenny. Then compiling a custom kernel to include the speakup patches.

	New releases of debian, I understand, have the necessary hooks in the kernel to permit speakup to loaded as modules without a custom kernel.. that's great, but...

	Here's my question:

	Is there a plan to include speakup in the d-i? wit current kernel and installing lenny? I am reluctant to go through the arduous process of installing etch/upgrading to sid then to lenny, etc. Hoping that speakup can be included in the d-i so that we blind/visually-impaired users can install an up-to-date system with speech from the beginning.

	Please advise if/when this might be included in the d-i.

	Thannks in advance,


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