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Re: Bug#497110: improved dmraid support in D-I

On Monday 08 September 2008, Giuseppe Iuculano wrote:
> Frans Pop ha scritto:
> > The physical disks show as 4GB, but the (correctly detected) dmraid
> > device is only 100.8MB in size, which is a bit small for actual use.
> You are right, also for hpt45x disk size is encoded in the .dat file.
> At this point the dat file needs to be modified
> (1.0.0.rc14/lib/format/ataraid/hpt45x.h in dmraid source helps on this)
> with an hex editor, I don't know if I am able to make this, but I will
> try.

Got it. After changing 3 bytes starting at offset 12 to '000080', which is 
corresponds to 8388608 sectors, everything works perfectly.
4GB is much more convenient for testing in an emulator. Thanks!

New hpa.dat attached for anybody playing along.

To create ~4GB VirtualBox disks use these commands:
$ dd if=/dev/null of=dmraid_hpa-1.raw seek=8388608
$ dd if=~/tmp/dmraid/hpa.dat of=dmraid_hpa-1.raw conv=notrunc seek=8388597
$ VBoxManage convertdd dmraid_hpa-1.raw dmraid_hpa-1.vdi
$ VBoxManage modifyvdi /<path-to>/dmraid_hpa-1.vdi compact
$ mv dmraid_hpa-1.raw dmraid_hpa-2.raw
$ VBoxManage convertdd dmraid_hpa-2.raw dmraid_hpa-2.vdi
$ VBoxManage modifyvdi /<path-to>/dmraid_hpa-2.vdi compact

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