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Re: Bug#496981: Case sensitive path name in windows based installer

On Fri, Aug 29, 2008 at 12:39:56AM +0100, peter green wrote:
> mailthrottle-2708@yahoo.it wrote:
> >I run the windows based installer but after reboot grub won't boot and 
> >shown his prompt.
> >
> >After a little investigation I discovered grub was asked to look for image 
> >files to load from a "debian" directory in the Windows disk but they were 
> >in "Debian" directory instead.
> >This probably happened because there was already a "Debian" directory on 
> >that disk created by me for some reasons in the past. The windows based 
> >installer program then copied image files to that directory without being 
> >aware it was already existing but was having a different case in his name.
> >
> >To solve the problem I booted into Windows then renamed the "Debian" 
> >directory to "debian" using the Windows file manager, then I rebooted the 
> >system the installation process started and completed successfully.
> >  
> It seems like the proper way to fix this is to find out from windows 
> what the file is actually called (including case) and use that 
> information when writing the grub config. Maybe GetLongPathName will do 
> what is required.

Sounds fine, although I'd prefer if you can use NSIS for that, since accessing
win32 API from the script is quite ugly.

Robert Millan

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