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Re: Case sensitive path name in windows based installer

mailthrottle-2708@yahoo.it wrote:
I run the windows based installer but after reboot grub won't boot and shown his prompt.

After a little investigation I discovered grub was asked to look for image files to load from a "debian" directory in the Windows disk but they were in "Debian" directory instead.
This probably happened because there was already a "Debian" directory on that disk created by me for some reasons in the past. The windows based installer program then copied image files to that directory without being aware it was already existing but was having a different case in his name.

To solve the problem I booted into Windows then renamed the "Debian" directory to "debian" using the Windows file manager, then I rebooted the system the installation process started and completed successfully.
It seems like the proper way to fix this is to find out from windows what the file is actually called (including case) and use that information when writing the grub config. Maybe GetLongPathName will do what is required.

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