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Re: [RFC]: Install rescue-initramfs dialog

On Sunday 17 August 2008, Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> * Per Andersson <avtobiff@gmail.com> [2008-08-17 14:39]:
> > Most users of headless devices would probobly want it.
> >
> > So I'll create an udeb for rescue-initramfs which installs it
> > during d-i and then put rescue-initramfs-udeb in
> > installer/build/pkg-lists/network-console. Is that a good
> > solution?!
> Alternatively, you could put the code into packages/network-console.

network-console is *not* only used for headless devices so I'm not in 
favor of linking these two.

I have no idea if a udeb for rescue-initramfs is needed. If all it would 
do is install the regular package then a separate udeb would be serious 

What is needed here is a proper analysis of when exactly rescue-initramfs 
is wanted and at what stage of the installation it should be installed 
(pkgsel or finish-install I would say). The first question should provide 
an answer to how its installation should be triggered.

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