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[RFC]: Install rescue-initramfs dialog

Dear debian-boot,

As a part of my GSoC project I am currently working on a
piece of software that is called rescue-initramfs. If installed it
installs dropbear (SSH), some filesystem tools, micro-evtd
and uboot-envtools to the ramdisk. This enables people to
login to their box even if the rootfs didn't come up properly.
A typical use case is for users that have installed Debian on
their NAS device and don't have a serial console attached.

It would be useful for these users if they, during installation,
could get a dialog asking them if they want to install
rescue-initramfs. So I ask, where should this go?
Suggestions I have received have said either an udeb in either
rescue-initramfs or a dialog in network-console, which is

Best regards
Per Andersson

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