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Re: questions about debian-installer and cross compiling.

On Mon, Aug 04, 2008 at 12:32:00PM +0200, sol-666@voila.fr wrote:
> I read the Makefile (from debian-installer sources) and I saw that
> when you compile, it use the architecture of the system (i386 on
> debian i386 and amd64 on debian amd64). How can I create a netboot
> image for amd64 on a i386 system ?

The other way around, creating an i386 image on an amd64 system is
fairly easy. You can use schroot to create an i386 chroot which you can
use to build d-i.

> How can I do cross compiling ?

Since no one has answered yet, I bet no one has a simple answer.  You
can look at the emdebian-tools package that should help you in creating
a cross-compiling environment for Debian packages.

I would be happy to know if it could be used to cross-compile d-i,
please tell us if you find anything; but you will have to dig by

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