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Re: libparted-1.8.so missing?

Ariel Garcia <garcia@iwr.fzk.de> writes:

> Hi,
>> >   "parted-server: error while loading shared libraries:
>> > libparted-1.8.so.9: cannot open shared object file: No such file or
>> > directory"
>> Dailies are in transition to new parted soname. This should be fine in
>> next days.
> thanks a lot for your fast answer Otavio :-)
> I now got that part working with the Lenny installer, the disk gets 
> partitioned, but it still breaks when installing the boot sector,
> both with grub and lilo, and i guess it is related to this problem:

No it is not the same issue.

>> i am trying to perform a (preseeded hands-off network) install with
>> Debian Installer on a machine has a local scsi disk and two FC adapters
>> "seeing" many devices (16 each).
>> One problem is that each time i boot the local disk (on which i want to
>> install Debian) gets another device name, sometimes /dev/sdq or
>> /dev/sdag, or even /dev/sda once.
> ** how can i tell debian installer to avoid loading the qla2xxx module?
> or some other way to fix the devices discovery order?
>  (of course i could modify the initramfs to alias qla2xxx to /bin/true or 
> something similar... but i'd like to have the default installer work)


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