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Bug#494910: partman-crypto: No longer allows to manually create LVM on crypto setup

Package: partman-crypto
Version: 34
Severity: serious

This is probably not a bug in partman-crypto itself, but I think that's 
the best place to start. Potential culprits include libparted, 
partman-base and partman-lvm...

For a new laptop I wanted to manually create an encrypted LVM setup, so I 
first created a physical partition, then selected to use that for 
dm-crypt. After doing that the encrypted was initially shown in partman 
as ext3.

Next I selected the encrypted device and changed it to "Use for LVM" and 
selected "Configure LVM". This resulted in a red screen. VT4 shows "Can't 
open /dev/mapper/hda6_crypt exclusively. Mounted filesystem?".

Confused I exited partman and restarted it. After that I suddenly find the 
following device listed on the main partman screen:
LVM VG hda6_cryptp1, LV hda6_cryptp1

# ls /dev/mapper/
control    hda6_crypt    hda6_cryptp1

This last device obviously should NOT be there.

Setting severity RC as this used to work and is IMO a serious regression.

Note that this was still with the "old" libparted1.8-udeb (which I 
installed manually after anna to work around current breakage).
Image used is daily amd64 netboot.

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