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Re: String freeze?

(re-adding -boot as your mail was obviously not intended to be private)

Quoting Jérémy Bobbio (jeremy.bobbio@irq7.fr):

> > Templates texts have been commented and refined. I think that, if the
> > feature is wanted, this can be committed.
> If you are able to figure out what needs to be commited from the bug
> report, could you do it?  I had a hard time following what was agreed

Now, no I can't (not enough time to give to this until I'm at Debconf).

> > I missed this. If that's something that needs to be preseeded, this is
> > not translatable text, is it?
> > 
> > If there is something to review, please point me to it.
> Template preseed/url in
> packages/preseed/debian/network-preseed.templates.  Committed in r54644.

Well, that's untranslatable text, no nothing to care about wrt i18n.

> > > > If so, could we agree on a string freeze with a long enough update
> > > > delay so that I can do my best to bring as many translation as
> > > > possible in shape for the release?
> > > 
> > > Except from these previous bullets (and I hope I am not forgetting
> > > anything), I agree on a string freeze.
> > 
> > OK. So I propose that we settle about these features (use them in
> > lenny or not). If we decide to use them in lenny, then commit ASAP.
> All other features have been agreed on.  I hope Grégory's patch will be
> ready for inclusion soon, but in doubt, do you think we could commit the
> new templates before the code using it?
> (at level 4 or 5, I don't think that it would put too much burden on
> translators, but it's your call)

Seems OK for me. It that's meant for LVM/RAID stuff, that should be
level 3. Lowering the level will not change much so let's use what
should be the correct level.

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