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Re: Plans for rc1

On Thu, Jul 31, 2008 at 09:23:21AM -0300, Otavio Salvador wrote:
> > In my opinion, we can't release RC1 until at least September and we
> > should inform the Release Team about this.
> RC1, I agree. I'm pondering about releasing a beta3 with new changes
> and without enforcing a translation completion limit to test those new
> features. Depending how 2.6.26 goes those next days, it could be
> considerated.

Since Lenny has been frozen, we have received many new installation
reports based on beta2.  Those really starts to annoy me as a lot of
issues has been fixed since.

I agree with you that newly merged features needs wider testing, and
even if I spotted and fixed small issues here and there, bugs are still
waiting to be discovered.  I am also a bit worried that bugs like #493099
as not been reported earlier.

So either:
 - we change the webpage to encourage people to use the daily
   builds until RC1 is out,
 - we release a Beta3,
 - we release a RC1 that is not a real candidate for the release
   (but which would make the press happy).

In any cases, we should send a "call for testing" pretty soon.

As we are in the the process of freezing features and strings, the first
option is a viable one to me while bugs get fixed and translations

If we decide to make a release, the process should really start as soon
as possible, otherwise we are going to loose all the benefit of making
one now and not early september.

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