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Bug#493119: [Lenny][beta2] installation-report: MSI PR200WX-058EU installation - almost successful

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An installation afterthought: I saw installed on my laptop toshset and radeontool. I know the second is a recommends of both acpi-support and pm-utils, but toshset doesn't have any reverse deps or recommends.

So could it possible for the installer not to install such packages which do NOT fit the hardware. I know it could be hard to detect those cases (unknown PCI ids, but since the kernel does the detection properly, it doesn't seem to be that hard to integrate that somehow in D-I).

heidi:/home/eddy# toshset
required kernel toshiba support not enabled.
heidi:/home/eddy# modprobe toshiba_acpi
FATAL: Error inserting toshiba_acpi (/lib/modules/2.6.25-2-amd64/kernel/drivers/acpi/toshiba_acpi.ko): No such device

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