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Meeting summary (was: List of last possible inclusions for Lenny)


Glenn, Robert and mostly Otavio and me discussed this list tonight.

Here are some conclusions:
(and we can still revert stuff if they don't work fine enough)

On Mon, Jul 28, 2008 at 10:25:04PM +0200, Jérémy Bobbio wrote:
>  * Bugfixes on partman-md and automatic activation of MD devices
>    (Jérémy Bobbio)
>  * Automatic activation of LVM devices
>    (Jérémy Bobbio)


 * MD won't be more broken that it currently is.
 * Automatic activation should be done for both MD and LVM.
 * Commit after more tests by Jérémy on the LVM side.

>  * di-netboot-assistant
>    (Franklin Piat)


 * Should be committed to the SVN repository.
 * Should be documented in the manual.

>  * Support for localized text frontend
>    (Samuel Thibault)


 * Simple change.
 * If it breaks serial installations, digress will tell us.

>  * Add WPA support in netcfg
>    (Glenn Saberton)

Don't include:

  * Changes in wpasupplicant have not received a freeze exception by the
    release team.
  * Needs measure on memory impact.
  * Should received wider testing.

netcfg needs some cleanup and overall improvements.  Let's wait until
Lenny is released to work seriously on it.

>  * Add atl2 support to kernel-wedge
>    (Glenn Saberton)


 * Switching to 2.6.26 means another round of kernel uploads, so no
   extra work.
 * But first need a patch against hw-detect to queue atl2-modules
   package installation on the target system.

>  * Alignment of partman columns in the graphical installer
>    (Jérémy Bobbio)


 * Really improve usuability.
 * More than enough time to NACK changes.

>  * Support for terminal in the graphical installer
>    (Jérémy Bobbio)


 * Add to the default initrd.
 * Need libvte9-udeb to be available (already ACKed by release team).

>  * RAID 6 and RAID 10 support
>    (Ryan Niebur)


 * Last review was positive.
 * Jérémy will do the merge with his changes for partman-md.
 * Otavio will take care of kernel-wedge changes.

>  * Make syslinux beeps
>    (Samuel Thibault)

Include (but only beep on *released* installation media):

 * This needs to be a configurable in the build system.
 * Samuel should propose a patch.

>  * Support of preseeding of LVM installation on multiple disks
>    (Grégory Oestreicher)


 * Patch is fairly complex but most issues have been sorted quickly.
 * Add two new strings.

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