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Re: Interactive 'd-i preseed/late_command string'

On Fri, Jul 18, 2008 at 06:42:45PM +0300, Shachar Or wrote:
> I am setting up an automatic installation using preseed. I'm using the
>  'd-i preseed/late_command string'
> option to make it wget a script and run it.
> My challenge is to make this script run in foreground because it is 
> interactive. How can I do that in d-i?

Interactivity in the debian-installer is normally done by using debconf,
so you will have to create debconf templates.

The easiest way, even if it sounds complicated, is to create a custom
udeb.  This udeb will contain the necessary templates and your script.
You can run your script in two ways: either give the package a
Installer-Menu-Item and make the script the package postinst script, or
you can use one of the various installer hook which should work as well.

You can install your custom udeb in the installer environment during the
preseed/late_command, or by various other methods.

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