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Re: i386 pxelinux.cfg no-longer serial friendly!

Alex Owen wrote:
> I see that d-i is now using the vesamenu for i386 netboot and has
> dropped the serial pxelinux configuration.
> If I were to produce a clean patch to re-enable production of a serial
> config might it be included for lenny?
> I take it the vesamenu config does not work over a serial port?

I dropped it in the process of splitting up the config files since
supporting it was looking to add a lot of extra complexity. Also since
I'd never considered the use case for it to be compelling -- with or
without the file you still have to manually modify the syslinux
configuration to enable serial console.

If it can be added back without seriously complicating things, that'd be
fine. I do think that vesamenu is right out for serial console, but have
not actually checked that.

see shy jo

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