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Re: Selection of kernel for Lenny

On Mon, Jul 07, 2008 at 04:19:01PM +0000, Aurelien Jarno wrote:
> Frans Pop a écrit :
> > Se IMO we should take a real good look at .25 and .26 and check what's 
> > new, what's important for Lenny and what's risky, and maybe check if some 
> > things we do want could be backported.
> As the release team is Cc:ed, I just want to make sure it is aware that
> switching to 2.6.26 possibly means changes to userland, and thus freeze
> exceptions. A few examples:
> - The switch to linux-libc-dev 2.6.25 has caused a lot of FTBFS due to
> removed headers. Change have been needed in various packages including
> glibc.
> - The switch to linux-libc-dev 2.6.25 is the reason why glibc currently
> FTBFS on hppa (due to a timeout in a test). Unfortunately I don't know
> yet which change causes the problem, I am down to a 600 lines diff.
> - I have recently uploaded a new version of lm-sensors needed to support
> 2.6.26 kernels.
> That said I neither opposed nor in favor of a switch to 2.6.26, I just
> want to emphasize that it can have a bigger impact than expected on the
> release planning.

Changing kernel at this point of the release would be too destructive,
so unless there is a big fat problem in the .25 that the .26 should fix
and is unbackportable (does such a beast even exist ?) I'm rather
opposed to it. Note that the asm/page.h mess is still not fixed thanks
to hppa.

Disclaimer: it's my own opinion, I did not check what other Release Team
member think about this.

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