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Bug#486892: different behavior from debconf when noninteractively asking a select question with a default not in the select list

On Thursday 19 June 2008, Joey Hess wrote:
> Even that could diverge slightly from debconf: If two questions are to
> be asked, the second is a noninteractive select, and the user backs up
> from the first, debconf will not change the value of the noninteractive
> select, while cdebconf would.
> (It could instead handle the noninteractive questions only if the user
> didn't back up, but that would just make it instead differ in the case
> where the noninteractive question is first, and the user backs up from
> the second question.)
> I think this would be a small enough difference, in an area that is
> not well specified, that it would be acceptable though, unlike the
> current glaring difference..

As backing up basically translates to either "I'll come back to this 
later" or to "the values are of no interest to me", I think that is 

From a D-I PoV I do not think it really matters which of the two 
alternatives for divergence are chosen. For regular debconf use for 
package configuration I can see a slight argument for leaving things 
unset, i.e. preferring your alternative approach.

Question: what does debconf do if there has never been a db_input? I.e. if 
you do just 'db_subst' directly followed by 'db_get'.
Does it then also return "first in list" or the default or what? We could 
still have a divergence there I think.

On Friday 20 June 2008, Joey Hess wrote:
> Attached patch seems to work (mirror works in auto mode), and the small
> test suite I added shows it does the right thing in all 4 cases.
> Could use some more testing,

I see no problems with the patch. Have also tested that using Go Back 
around a seen template still works correctly.

> and my caveats about this being a hacky and suboptimal approach still
> apply. 

Sorry, can't really help with that :-/

Again thanks for picking up the issue.

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