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Bug#247744: Bug#486558: installation-reports: strange (null) in URL for tasksel for automatic install

Frans Pop wrote:
> Guess this makes the earlier cloned bug to debconf more severe.

Properly fixing it is going to be tricky. Debconf does it by
having a whole class of noninteractive question elements, that are
always created for questions that are not displayed. So it's a simple
matter of having a noninteractive select element that handles the
special case.

cdebconf has no noninteractive elements at all. Elements do not know if
they are interactive or not, it only creates elements if the question
priority warrants it.

Also, debconf has tricky code to handle cases like backing up from a
visible element to an invisible one. So just hacking in an element that
doesn't display will not work; backing up past it will fail.

(This is also why it's hard to make cdebconf skip asking select questions
with only one choice.)

It would be possible to hardcode the special case directly into
command_input(). But, there's no guarantee that a question will actually
be asked until GO is called, so this could result in cdebconf setting a
value when debconf would not set it.

The least invasive approach I've been able to think up is to add a
separate queue of noninteractive question actions. Make command_input()
add to this queue, command_clear() clear it, and command_go() process it,
before it calls mod->frontend->methods.go.

Even that could diverge slightly from debconf: If two questions are to
be asked, the second is a noninteractive select, and the user backs up
from the first, debconf will not change the value of the noninteractive
select, while cdebconf would. 

(It could instead handle the noninteractive questions only if the user
didn't back up, but that would just make it instead differ in the case
where the noninteractive question is first, and the user backs up from
the second question.)

I think this would be a small enough difference, in an area that is
not well specified, that it would be acceptable though, unlike the
current glaring difference..

see shy jo

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