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Re: Bug#485655: debian-installer: The KDE images should use sudo too and configure KDE accordingly.

Frans Pop wrote:
> I've tested this and it appears to work, although the first time I somehow 
> managed to crash the dcop server. I've tried both administrator mode in 
> Control Center and the kuser user setup application.
> My proposal would be to:
> 1) add the kdesudo to the Key packages in kde-desktop task
> 2) add a hook script in pre-pkgsel.d that does:
>    if db_get passwd/root-login && ["$RET" = false ] && \
>       db_get tasksel/desktop && [ "$RET" = kde ]; then
> 	echo "kdesudo kdesudo/kdesu boolean true" | \
> 		LANG=C chroot /target debconf-set-selections
>    fi
> This means kdesudo already has the correct debconf setting before it gets 
> installed by tasksel and the diversions get added automatically on 
> installation.
> Alternatively we could do 2) + an apt-install in a finish-install.d hook 
> script and then only if the desktop task was actually selected, but that 
> would mean having to ensure that kdesudo gets included on images by 
> debian-cd.

Well, I don't really understand why kdesudo asks this question at all.
Would there be some reason someone would install the package, and *not*
have kdesudo used by default? The only reason I can think of for it to
default to not being used is just what you're talking about doing --
including it in the task by default. :-)

It seems easier at the moment to add your code, and include it in the
task than it does to change the default or remove the debconf use, and
come up with a way to detect which tasks were installed[1].

> KDE team: any comments on this plan?
> > Side note: I wonder how we ensure gksu is available on the first CD. It
> > is only recommended by gnome-utils (pulled in by
> > gnome-desktop-environment). It is not listed explicitly in either the
> > gnome-desktop task or debian-cd.
> Joey: care to comment on this?

It's pulled in by dependencies in gdm and update-notifier, at least.
However, I've explicitly added it now.

see shy jo

[1] tasksel --list-tasks can do it, but hides hidden tasks like .. kde-desktop!

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