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Bug#485655: debian-installer: The KDE images should use sudo too and configure KDE accordingly.

Le mercredi 11 juin 2008 12:05:01 Frans Pop, vous avez écrit :
> tags 485655 help
> reassign 485655 user-setup
> thanks
> On Tuesday 10 June 2008, Didier Raboud wrote:
> > I think that the KDE CD images should install and configure sudo as the
> > Gnome images do.
> KDE images _do_ install and configure sudo exactly the same as the regular
> CD does if that option is selected in user-setup (as you can see if you
> use sudo from konsole).


I tried to install the LennyBeta2 KDE CD1 in Qemu and disabled the internet 
access (said during the install "just use the CD") and it did not... But I 
admit that this it "corner-case"

> > Additionnally, it should configure KDE to use it correctly.
> This is probably what is currently lacking: automatically using sudo for
> KDE administration tasks.
> This is what the installer does for GNOME (note that it does not directly
> change any configuration files, which is not allowed by policy):
> # Configure gksu to use sudo, via an alternative, if it's
> # installed and the alternative is registered.
> if $chroot $ROOT update-alternatives --display libgksu-gconf-defaults
>    >/dev/null 2>&1; then
> 	$log $chroot $ROOT update-alternatives \
> 		--set libgksu-gconf-defaults \
> 		/usr/share/libgksu/debian/gconf-defaults.libgksu-sudo
> 	$log $chroot $ROOT update-gconf-defaults
> fi
> If something similar is possible for KDE, then please let us know what the
> correct commands would be. Basically that info has to come from KDE
> users/developers.

One solution for KDE3 is to install the kdesudo package and 
to "dpkg-reconfigure" it to accept the usage of the kdesudo as drop-in 
replacement for kdesu. It will then use sudo.

I CC'ed debian-qt-kde to get their piece of advice. Mine (as user) is that if 
sudo is used, kdesudo is necessary for good user experience.

> I also suspect this problem may already have been resolved for kubuntu, so
> if someone could check what is done there and tell us, that could work as
> well. However, I don't see any change in Ubuntu's version of
> user-setup-udeb for this.

AFAIK, it is what they use.

> Cheers,

Didier Raboud, proud Debian user.
CH-1802 Corseaux

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