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Bug#485655: debian-installer: The KDE images should use sudo too and configure KDE accordingly.

tags 485655 help
reassign 485655 user-setup

On Tuesday 10 June 2008, Didier Raboud wrote:
> I think that the KDE CD images should install and configure sudo as the
> Gnome images do.

KDE images _do_ install and configure sudo exactly the same as the regular 
CD does if that option is selected in user-setup (as you can see if you 
use sudo from konsole).

> Additionnally, it should configure KDE to use it correctly.

This is probably what is currently lacking: automatically using sudo for 
KDE administration tasks.
This is what the installer does for GNOME (note that it does not directly 
change any configuration files, which is not allowed by policy):

# Configure gksu to use sudo, via an alternative, if it's
# installed and the alternative is registered.
if $chroot $ROOT update-alternatives --display libgksu-gconf-defaults
   >/dev/null 2>&1; then
	$log $chroot $ROOT update-alternatives \
		--set libgksu-gconf-defaults \
	$log $chroot $ROOT update-gconf-defaults

If something similar is possible for KDE, then please let us know what the 
correct commands would be. Basically that info has to come from KDE 

I also suspect this problem may already have been resolved for kubuntu, so 
if someone could check what is done there and tell us, that could work as 
well. However, I don't see any change in Ubuntu's version of 
user-setup-udeb for this.


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