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mirror and language selection not working together well

A few weeks ago something changed regarding the way the country is
chosen.  Right now, the mirror and language selection don't work
together very well: I tell the mirror selection tool which country I
live in, but the country/language selection tool doesn't default to
that country.

When I go through d-i, this is what happens:

Choose a mirror of the Debian archive
 - Austria
Choose language (Choose a continent or region): Africa, Antartica, etc
 - Europe
Choose language (Choose a country, territory or area): Albania, Andorra, etc
 - Austria

Why is Africa the country rather than Europe (1st language question),
and Albania rather than Austria (2nd language question)?  It would be
nice to figure out based on the mirror which contintent/country I
might be in.

Martin Michlmayr

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