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Bug#484366: rootskel: cttyhack requires the serial console to be /dev/ttyS0

On Tuesday 03 June 2008, Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:
> I tried to install Debian on Versatile/PB using qemu and the armel
> installer (Lenny beta 1).  It is quickly stuck complaining
> "cttyhack: '/dev/ttyS0': No such file or device".

What _exact_ qemu command line did you use?

How did you connect to the "ttyAMA0" serial port? Using minicom or 
something on the same host system, from a different system or what?

Note that D-I works just fine if you just let it run inside a qemu window.
I'm not yet convinced that there is either an installer bug or a busybox 
bug here.


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