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Re: d-i status wrt i386 & amd64 EFI machines

Frans Pop <elendil@planet.nl> wrote:


> There is an open BR against debian-cd to support EFI for i386/amd64 CD 
> images (#455914). Help to implement that is very much needed.

There's some work to be done on d-i beforehand ;)

> What other types of images are you thinking of? Could EFI support be added 
> to existing images or do we really need additional images?

I think we need dedicated images, as far as the CD/DVDs go. I don't
think we can share a CD, though I have to check how multiboot CDs
work and how EFI behaves on Macs. To be honest, at this stage, it's
still a detail :)

For PXE booting, a dedicated image will be required, though it's no
problem compared to a dedicated CD image.

The good news is, in all cases, the code from ia64.cfg can probably be
shared among all three architectures.

If I'm not mistaken, there's no g-i on ia64, so I'll just have to add
it for i386 and amd64 as g-i should work fine via EFI too.

> I don't see any objection to providing images that support EFI, but I doubt 
> anyone on the D-I team will do the actual implementation.
> As always: patches are welcome and we can offer help with finding the right 
> places to make needed changes.

I'm ready to make whatever changes are required, as long as I can get
some assistance on some very specific points.

I've started identifying the precise changes to be done. I may need a
little bit of help with the build system to build the images,
otherwise, with the exception of grub-installer and lilo-installer, I
think I can handle it.

I'd like to have grub-installer and lilo-installer default to
installing the bootloader on the debian partition on Macs, and that
requires some changes in the logic and templates. I'll try to figure
it out, but hairy debconf stuff scares the hell out of me :)


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