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Bug#481604: daily armel (EABI) lenny on NSLU2


Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> When the next beta is out, I'll make images with the NIC microcode
> available on slug-firmware.net

OK, great!

> My assumption is that you simply haven't waited long enough... the
> nslu2 is quite slow, after all.  But I'm not 100% sure... maybe
> there's a real problem.  FWIW, I made a successful installation on
> armel recently, but that was on a different board (with more RAM and
> faster CPU) and I only generated 1 locale (i.e. the default).

You're right. I tried generating one UTF-8 locale now, it took 15 minutes and
made the system swap a lot. I had selected several locales previously, so it
must have taken even longer.


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