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Re: bypassing partman while preseeding to get multiple VG

Op 09-05-2008 om 10:05 schreef Tim Stoop:
> To elaborate on my previous message:
> On Wed, May 7, 2008 at 4:59 PM, Tim Stoop <tim.stoop@gmail.com> wrote:
> > - /boot outside of LVM, 500M
> > - LVM "dom0" of 10G with several partitions for the dom0
> > - LVM "domU" empty (at least while installing), rest of the disk
> >
~ I forgot to say that I want to different VGs (dom0 and domU).
> Does anyone have an idea on how I can achieve this? One thing I thought
> about is having a simple recipe and doing it all manually in the
> late_script. Not sure if that's the best solution.
> Any tips would be appreciated!

| stappers@viggo:~
| $ cd /usr/src/debian-installer/packages/partman/
| stappers@viggo:/usr/src/debian-installer/packages/partman
| $ ls
| partman-auto              partman-dmraid     partman-newworld
| partman-auto-crypto       partman-efi        partman-palo
| partman-auto-lvm          partman-ext2r0     partman-partitioning
| partman-auto-raid         partman-ext3       partman-prep
| partman-base              partman-jfs        partman-reiserfs
| partman-basicfilesystems  partman-lvm        partman-target
| partman-basicmethods      partman-md         partman-xfs
| partman-crypto            partman-multipath
| stappers@viggo:/usr/src/debian-installer/packages/partman
| $ grep --after 20 Description: partman-auto-lvm/debian/control 
| Description: Automatically partition storage devices using LVM
| stappers@viggo:/usr/src/debian-installer/packages/partman
| $ 

In other words: there is a partman-auto-lvm package
That is what I say right now.

So I can't tell at this moment 
- how to invoke partman-auto-lvm
- how to provide configuration information to p-a-l
- if it could fullfill the multiple VG wish

I just hope it get your further as postings that didn't mention p-a-l.

Geert Stappers

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