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kernel config

I have updated my motherboard to a GA-ma78gm-sh2 using a caustom kernel.
Now i have a GA-ma78gm-sh2 whith a kernel and it works fine.

I want to make a new installation for cleaning and repartitionning my hd.

Unfortunatly neither the lenny installer nor the sid installer detect my sata hd and cdrom and the 2.6.24 build are not downloadable. So i try to build a custom image an use and an usb key with syslinux and the netinst.iso.
an mkinitramfs

but the install fail on error

waiting for root file system

ALERT does not exist dropping dropping to a shell

I read the docs but it is not clear. So could you tell me what kernel options
i should enable.

initial ram filesystem ?
initramfs source ?
ramdisk support
romfs support ?
cramfs support ?
ext2 support?

best regards


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