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Bug#474698: partman-base: Inconsistent output if sector size != 512 bytes

clone 474698 -1
reassign -1 parted
block 474698 -1
retitle -1 fully support >512-byte sector size

Otavio Salvador <otavio@debian.org> writes:

>> You also have not really answered the question whether the use of 
>> PED_SECTOR_SIZE_DEFAULT in parted_server is correct at all.
> Yes and no. Many parts of parted still needs it hardcoded but many has
> been fixed to deal with different sector sizes already. That's why
> I'll test my patch before make it public available.

I've discussed it with other member of parted team (the one
responsable by the >512-byte sector support) and we concluded that
it's still too early to enable it in Parted and partman. The risk of
serious unknow bugs is too high since this code is not yet well tested.

Work is being done, at Parted side, to fully support it in near
future... unsure if it'll happen for Lenny.

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