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Bug#477354: debian-installer: fails to bootstrap because of missing gpgv

On Apr 22, 2008, at 7:03 PM, Frans Pop wrote:
Op 22-04-2008 om 17:41 schreef Michal Suchanek:
The GUI installer works but the default one fails bootstrap and
complains that there is missing gpgv which is needed to verify packages.

I doubt that this is really a bug in the installer because otherwise we'd have had a lot more reports. Can you reproduce the error if you try again,
preferably using a different mirror?

If you can reproduce it, please send us the syslog for the installation

Yes, on a second try it worked so it must have been a mirror outage.

I was not aware the package is downlodaded from the mirror - logically it should not be if it is used to validate the downloaded packages.



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