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Re: Installing testing on a premade volume

Frans Pop wrote:
On Saturday 19 April 2008, John Anthony Kazos Jr. wrote:
I've installed Debian many times, but this time I'm having an issue.
I've got Windows XP on /dev/hda1, and I have a pre-existing ext3 volume
with data I need on /dev/hdd. But I can't figure out a way to get the
installer to use /dev/hdd as the installation volume. What's the best
way to do this?

Choose "manual partitioning" in the first dialog and you can install Debian basically anywhere and anyhow you want. If needed you can resize your existing ext3 partition on hdd, or just create/use other partitions there. You can even select that existing ext3 partition and use it on some mountpoint (not / obviously) while keeping data if you want.

Just read all dialogs carefully, especially the confirmation dialogs before changes are committed. See the installation guide for further info.

Be careful when grub gets installed: make sure it is installed on the disk and MBR or partition you want.

Yes, but the problem is that the partition is /dev/hdd, not /dev/hdd1. The partitioner is incapable of recognizing /dev/hdd as an ext3 volume, and the install base system refuses to proceed without the partitioner giving the go-ahead. I can mount the filesystem myself just as the partitioner would, but I have to have a way to communicate to the install base system step that tells it to proceed anyway.

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