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Bug#475525: Failure to start after installation using grub

On Friday 11 April 2008, Facundo Ariel Perez wrote:
> I've two disk drives :
> - 80 gb serial ata ( initially detected as /dev/sda and after
> installation /dev/sdb )
> - 40 gb ata-133 ( initially detected as /dev/hdc and after
> installation /dev/sda )
> Comments/Problems:
> The problem is that after rebootig, grub boots ok, but then when it
> tries to start the system, it can't find the partition /dev/sda1 ( as
> it was detected at installation time ).
> What I found out was that the disk was now detected as /dev/sdb
> instead of /dev/sda.

This is a known issue described in the errata for both the stable release 
and the Lenny 1 release [1]. You found the correct way to deal with it, 
although you can potentially find yourself in the same situation again if 
the "wrong" driver should be loaded first.

However, it seems that two different modules are claiming to support your 
IDE drive, which AFAIK should not happen, so the output of 'lspci -nn' 
would be very welcome.


[1] http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer/errata

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