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Re: how th generate like oficial site from packages (or CD's)

* abelahcene <abdelkader.belahcene@iap.dz> [080410 15:06]:
> So The problem is :   when the installer searches for the Releases, and
> gpg files it doesn't find them, because I haves to respect the
> arborescene of the official site. This what I don't know how to do it.

Most tools to create repositories can create Release and Release.gpg
files (at least reprepro is able to).

But as those files are created by you, they are not signed by the
official keys but at most by some key you control, so you have to tell
the installer to use another key. For an installed system you can
do this simply by apt-key add, for the debian installer it might be
a bit more complex. (As I usually modify the installer's initrd anyway
for some local modifications, I usually just put it into the initrd's
archive.gpg file, so it just accepts my local repository).

	Bernhard R. Link

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