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how th generate like oficial site from packages (or CD's)

sorry to disturb you, may this is a trivial question but I haven't receive a validate answer!!!

I want to create a local repository:   I explain :
I have downloaded Packages I need to the common student ( I am teacher in university), say the official CD1 and other packages from the site, So I have a list of about more thounsand soft.
I want to create frome theses packages a local repository to :
1. Install the debian directly by using PXE ( PXE I know how to configure it), 2. I complete later the installation from my repository (I know how to do it).

So The problem is : when the installer searches for the Releases, and gpg files it doesn't find them, because I haves to respect the arborescene of the official site. This what I don't know how to do it.

How the create like an "official site" from my packages ?

thanks for help
best regards

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