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Re: [PATCH] add rt2500pci, rt2400pci and rt2500usb to nic-wireless-modules

On Monday 07 April 2008, Joey Hess wrote:
> Frans Pop wrote:
> > This seemed harmless, but results in an error as nic-wireless-modules
> > and firewire-core-modules both end up with the crc-itu-t module.
> >
> > As I don't think having nic-wireless depend on firewire-core and as we
> > really want the kernel udebs updated, I have reverted the patch and
> > will do an upload without these extra wireless modules.
> That module can be put in crc-modules.


Done, but only locally for i386 and amd64 as other arches also use 
crc-modules but don't need it. And the dependency updates needed to be done 
locally anyway.


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