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Bug#474346: Installer keeps asking to insert CD1


First, I tried install using a CD, from april, 7th, instead of a DVD.
I did this because I began suspicious that my DVD drive is broken (I
explain this in the end of this e-mail). This time, I used a different
CD drive to burn and install. I followed the information you passed me
(priority=medium, language = english, add line set -x ...). The
install process was normal and the message (insert the CD 1 ...) did
NOT appear. Then, I stopped the copy process of the files and restart
the system.

After, I did a normal installation, using "installgui" and I chose
language "portuguese - brazilian" the install process was normal and
the message did NOT appear again. All file were copied normally.

In the others installations using DVD (last 2 weeks), I verified the
MD5sum from images .iso and I asked to "brasero 0.6.1" verify
integrity. But, in the install process, the message (Insert CD 1 ...)
appeared and after the programs were installed, some files from GRUB
were not copied and appeared a message asking me if I would like to
try again copy the files or continue the installation. I could not
copy the files and I continued the installation without that files.

Doing this, there was only one problem: The grub did not identified
the Windows installed in the same HD and I had to edit the menu.lst

Because of this I chose install using other DVD drive. But, I don't
have other DVD writer, then I used a CD writer.

Now, I am downloading the new DVD image (April 7th). This will take a
long time. After I am going to try to install using it in other DVD
drive and I will send the results.

Thanks for the time spent.


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