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Bug#474346: Installer keeps asking to insert CD1

Hello Gilberto,

First of all, thanks for testing this again and following up on it.

On Saturday 05 April 2008, Frans Pop wrote:
> This is a follow up to bugs #464023 and #470423.

As you've already seen, I've decided to open a new bug report in your name 
so we can investigate, and hopefully solve, this issue. Please keep your 
replies to this new bug report from now on.

> I downloaded the lastest version,  weekly-builds, April 2nd. The
> checksum matched.
> But, the message is displayed, yet. "Insert the CD 1 ..."

OK. Obviously that should not happen.
Exactly at what stage was this? Was this still during the scanning of the CD 
set, or was it after the installer had asked about participating in the
"popularity contest" and what packages you wanted to install?
How many CDs did you scan? Only the installation CD itself or more?

> I tried press ENTER, but nothing happened and the message continued.
> I had to open a terminal and I typed "umount /cdrom" and after "eject".
> After, I inserted the DVD again, the installation process continued
> normally.

Glad that that workaround still works.

> Should I get the DVD image from lenny_di_beta1? The image was created
> in march 17th.

No, that should not make any difference: they have exactly the same version 
of the installer.

To find out exactly what is happening I'd appreciate if you could do the 
- boot the install with 'install priority=medium'
- please run the installation in English so we can read the logs
- before the "configure the package manager step", switch to a debug shell
  and add a line with 'set -x' below the first line of the following
  - /usr/bin/load-install-cd
  - /usr/lib/apt-setup/generators/41cdset
  - /usr/lib/apt-setup/generators/50mirror
  - /usr/lib/pre-pkgsel.d/10laptop-detect
  - /var/lib/dpkg/info/pkgsel/pkgsel.postinst
  This enables debugging output from which we'll be able to tell where
  things go wrong. If you need more help with this, please let me know and
  I'll give more detailed instructions.
- continue the installation until where the dialog "hangs"
- switch to the debug shell again and type 'eject' to free the CD
- complete the installation and reboot

After that, please send the following files from /var/log/installer:
- hardware-summary
- status
- syslog (probably very big, must be compressed!)

Thanks a lot in advance.

For your information: after the Beta1 release I've already implemented a 
change that should make the whole process a lot less susceptible (and maybe 
even invulnerable) to this issue, but unfortunately there are not yet any 
full CD/DVD images that include that change. I would still like to 
investigate exactly what's happening in your case though.


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