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Re: cdebconf text frontend: right align menu numbers

On Monday 07 April 2008, Ferenc Wagner wrote:
> We did, in the country selection in localechooser. :)  If you killed
> that off, then I've got no idea.

Ah, right. It's not only used for the menu, but for all selections.
That also means my previous comment is incorrect and automated tests could 
be affected.
OTOH, looking at scripts/digress/console/console-hercules it looks like the 
offered choices are not checked, just the prompts.

But yes, the huge full country list will be history with the next version of 
localechooser. The lists from anna and choose-mirror are the next longest I 
guess with 26 and 43 items respectively.

> '%3d' and ' %2d' only differs in that the former can make use of the first
> space if needed. 

I don't have any real objection to using %3d.

The text frontend sometimes prints choices on a single (or rather, in 
multiple columns). Maybe it would be good to decrease the space between 
columns by one position when applying the patch?

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