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Re: [RFR] Next installment in localechooser revamp

Quoting Frans Pop (elendil@planet.nl):

> A mini.iso image for i386 that includes the new version is available for 
> testing: http://people.debian.org/~fjp/tmp/d-i/lc-continents_mini.iso.
> I have tested the new code fairly intensively myself including:
> high and medium priority, languages with country shortlist, single country 
> languages, backing up from various dialogs, running localechooser a second 
> time, preseeding (from the boot prompt).

I did so tonight as well and I'm (as usual) impressed. My only comment
is just "commit".

> I propose to remove the default country for Esperanto as it makes a lot less 
> sense with the separate continents dialog.

Well, doesn't it at least allow setting the default continent when
Esperanto is chosen?

My understading is that the default continent is currently the
continent of the default country, for each language. This is the best
compromise certainly, but we then need such default continent for Esperanto...

About your other question: I'd prefer having continents sorted

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