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Re: Bug#nnnn: Message displayed 'Insert CD 1'

Op 03-04-2008 om 17:29 schreef Gilberto Segundo:
> Hello,

Hello Gilberto,

> I downloaded the lastest version,  weekly-builds, April 2nd. The
> checksum matched.
> But, the message is displayed, yet. "Insert the CD 1 ..."
> I tried press ENTER, but nothing happened and the message continued.
> I had to open a terminal and I typed "umount /cdrom" and after "eject".
> After, I inserted the DVD again, the installation process continued normally.
> Should I get the DVD image from lenny_di_beta1?
> The image was created in march 17th.

Nope. The software bug that you are encountering
is also present in that build.

In the Debian Bug Tracking System is bugreport created for
the "Insert the CD 1 ..." issue. 

Visit http://bugs.debian.org/474346 for details and status.

Use E-mail adres 474346(AT)bugs.debian.org to contact
the people working on it.

Geert Stappers

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