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Regarding: Bug#474346: Installer keeps asking to insert CD1

Op 05-04-2008 om 08:35 schreef Frans Pop:
> Package: apt-cdrom-setup
> Version: 1:0.34
> Severity: important
> This is a follow up to bugs #464023 and #470423.

But it was sent to submit@b.d.o ( so a new BR was created )

> I downloaded the lastest version,  weekly-builds, April 2nd. The
> checksum matched.
> But, the message is displayed, yet. "Insert the CD 1 ..."
> I tried press ENTER, but nothing happened and the message continued.
> I had to open a terminal and I typed "umount /cdrom" and after "eject".
> After, I inserted the DVD again, the installation process continued 
> normally.
> Should I get the DVD image from lenny_di_beta1? The image was created
> in march 17th.

That text is allready at http://bugs.debian.org/470423 

I don't understand the meaning of #474346

My gut feeling says that #474346 was created by "slip of the pen"
or some other minor mistake that can happen.

Someone willing to elaborate what #474346 is all about?
Or at least the idea/intension/philosophy behind it?

Geert Stappers

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