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Bug#473364: installation-report: some install glitches (grub2, tasksel, serial mouse)

On Fri, 2008-04-04 at 21:00 +0200, Frans Pop wrote:

> > Do you know if directfb can switch to a different mouse after g-i is
> > already started?
> Well, we do a keymap switch, which is somewhat similar.
> Not sure if this will work, but could you try the following just to check:
> - boot the installer normally
> - when the language selection screen is shown, switch to VT2 and add the
>   settings in /etc/directfbrc
> - select language and country
> - does the mouse work now when the keyboard selection is displayed?
> - select a different keyboard layout
> - does it work now?

Nope, that didn't work unfortunately.

> > If so, it might be a good idea to have a mouse question 
> > before the keyboard one there in case the user doesn't know how to
> > specify the installer command-line options for a serial mouse.
> IMO this is too uncommon to ask the question by default. I think I'd prefer 
> to make it an option that is listed at the end of the main menu only. 
> Together with changing the debconf priority, debug shell and CD integrity 
> check options.

Sounds reasonable.

> > > IMO the fact that it's no longer possible to configure X.Org to use a
> > > serial mouse is a bug that should be reported there (at least, if it
> > > really is not autodetected).
> > > If they'd add a debconf question for it, we could probably preseed it
> > > using the value passed as a boot parameter to the installer.
> >
> > There used to be debconf questions about the mouse (I used them when I
> > only had a USB hard drive and booted it in netcafes), but they were
> > removed on purpose according to Julien Cristau on IRC. I doubt the XSF
> > would be willing to add them back, I guess I could file a bug about it
> > though.
> They were removed as part of the general cleanup of the config file. IMO 
> however it is a regression if that means some hardware can no longer be 
> supported without jumping through hoops.
> Adding a debconf question that is only asked at medium priority should be 
> possible and the maintainer scripts could then only add the relevant 
> section to the xorg.conf as needed.
> IMO it's definitely worth a wishlist BR, but I suspect the argumentation 
> will have to be good :-)

I agree that it is a regression, convincing Xorg folks is another
matter. I get the impression they are in the "drop old broken stuff
instead of fixing it" Debian camp.

Another piece of old hardware that isn't supported in lenny Xorg will be
non-DPMS monitors, IIRC those will be damaged by the new Xorg.

> > It would also be good to pre-seed gpm's debconf questions too.
> AFAIK gpm is not installed by default. Correct? If it is not I don't think 
> D-I should preseed it.

gpm isn't installed by default, no. I tend to think it will be installed
very soon on some systems (experienced users) and never on others (new
users). I think it can't hurt to preseed gpm even though it isn't



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