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Bug#473364: installation-report: some install glitches (grub2, tasksel, serial mouse)

On Fri, 2008-04-04 at 18:14 +0200, Frans Pop wrote:

> For the installation a serial mouse can probably be made working. Please try 
> the following:
> - boot the installer with installgui BOOT_DEBUG=3
> - in the debug shell, edit /etc/directfbrc and add the following line:
>   mouse-source=<device>
>   with <device> being the serial port your mouse is connected to
> - exit the debug shell (twice) to start the installer
> It's also possible to specify a different mouse protocol if needed. See the 
> directfbrc manpage [1] for details.
> If that works, we can add it as a boot parameter for the installer.

It worked when I added mouse-source=/dev/ttyS1 and mouse-protocol=MS
to /etc/directfbrc since I have a 2 button Microsoft serial mouse on a
serial card (onboard serial port is too close to the usb).

Do you know if directfb can switch to a different mouse after g-i is
already started? If so, it might be a good idea to have a mouse question
before the keyboard one there in case the user doesn't know how to
specify the installer command-line options for a serial mouse. Also,
debian.exe could probably get the mouse information from Windows and add
some pre-seed stuff to the installer kernel command-line?

> IMO the fact that it's no longer possible to configure X.Org to use a serial 
> mouse is a bug that should be reported there (at least, if it really is not 
> autodetected).
> If they'd add a debconf question for it, we could probably preseed it using 
> the value passed as a boot parameter to the installer.

There used to be debconf questions about the mouse (I used them when I
only had a USB hard drive and booted it in netcafes), but they were
removed on purpose according to Julien Cristau on IRC. I doubt the XSF
would be willing to add them back, I guess I could file a bug about it

It would also be good to pre-seed gpm's debconf questions too.

On my laptop I get this for gpm:

# debconf-get-selections | grep gpm
gpm	gpm/responsiveness	string	
gpm	gpm/repeat_type	string	none
gpm	gpm/append	string	
gpm	gpm/restart	boolean	true
gpm	gpm/sample_rate	string	
gpm	gpm/type	string	autops2
gpm	gpm/device	string	/dev/psaux



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